Developing our gross and fine motor skills 

Another busy week this week, inside and outside the classroom. The children are really well established in our daily routines and are making the most of the opportunities and challenges in the classroom. 
Many of these challenges are set up deliberately to develop our gross and fine motor skills. These skills are essential as the children begin to learn to form their letters. This year we are encouraging the children to write in a cursive script. Establishing this in early years has a beneficial effect on their writing, especially as they learn to join their letters higher up the school. 
We hope you are enjoying our take home and talk sheets. We know that often our children do not share with you what they have been doing during their week at school, so we have found that these offer a great opportunity for you to talk through with your children their week at school. We love it when they bring them back to school to share with us but understand that time can be precious on a weekend so completely understand that this may not always be possible. Please do not feel under too much pressure to complete them – they are designed to be a fun activity for everyone! 


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